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Female and Swaged Fema...
Straight Fixed Female Metric

Straight Swivel Female JIC

Swaged 45 Deg Swivel

Swaged 45 Deg Forged

Swaged 90 Deg Forged

Swaged 90 Deg Swept Tube

Straight Female  

Straight Swivel Female Convex

Straight Swivel Female Concave

Convex Metric Seat

Straight Swivel Female

45 Deg Forged Swivel Female

45 Deg Swept Tube Female

90 Deg Forged Female

90 Deg Swept Tube Female

45 Deg Double Swivel

90 Deg Forged Double Swivel

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Straight Female - (321)

Product Description:
Straight female
Available for -3 BSP in P
Also available as a swage fitting
Part No. Hose Seat Materials Tube Style Angle Thread
321-03P 600-03 BSP CH, P   Straight 1/8 x 20/8
321-04 600-04 BSP CH, P   Straight 1/4 x 19

Code Material Code Material
C Stainless Steel D Red and Blue Anodised Aluminium
CH Chrome Plated Steel DPR Purple Anodised Aluminium
D Aluminium DGD Gold Anodised Aluminium
P Zinc Plated Steel DE Electroplate
DRD Red Anodised Aluminium DBK Black
DBU Blue Anodised Aluminium T Titanium

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Product Code: 321

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